Organize Your Bedroom With Feng Shui Rules

Start with raising the bed to allow the flow of energy circulation. The bedhead should be placed against the wall, away from windows and main doors. Remove ornamental plants, cluttered objects, and water elements from your room to maintain balance. 

Finally is a harmonious colour combination, soft lighting, and inspirational pictures. With these factors and some other changes, you can arrange your bedroom with Feng Shui rules.

Use Feng Shui For Your Bed

The bedhead should be a hard bedhead made from wood or are wrapped in mattress, as they are a great combination of solid and gentle feng shui energy source and they are able to prop up for you and your bedroom. 

When you are slowly going into sleep, your body will enter the stage of regenerating energy on many levels. Subconsciously, your head needs to be supported and protected, similar to what your back needs when you have to sit on a chair for a long period of time.

Make Sure The Bed Has The Right Height

To allow the Feng Shui energy to circulate underneath the bed, you need to put a bed at a reasonable height compared to the ground. In general, the bed with a cabinet below to help you store furniture is considered a poor feng shui bed. 

Why? Because energy needs to circulate around the body to help you sleep, and this will not happen if the space underneath the bed is blocked.

There’s A Wall That Lifts Behind The Bed

In addition to the good bed head, you also need to have a solid wall behind the bed. When you sleep beneath the window, your personal energy tends to become weaker at this time, as it does not have the support or protection.

Do Not Put The Tv, A Desk, Or Any Distracting Factors Near The Bed

You should move the desk and TV out of the bedroom so that the room can become a truly resting and relaxing place. However, due to the limitation of space, if your room has a TV or desk, you should arrange them in the position away from the bed as much as possible to not hinder positive energies of the bed. 

If possible, you should cover a towel or blanket on the TV or desk, or even wrap it with a Japanese folding cabinet to create more space.

Avoid Putting A Mirror Opposite The Bed Or Wardrobe With A Mirror

If mirrors are things that you can not leave, you should cover a blanket on them. The mirrors will obstruct your sleep if it is not be covered, especially if you sleep in the same room with the person you love because they can open a space for the betrayal. Mirrors are also factors that contain too much energy for resting space.

Do Not Put Ornamental Plants And Flowers In Your Bedroom

Plants are considered creating a lot of energy and activities that make you difficult to get enough rest. If there is no place to put the plants, you should try to arrange them out of sight when you lie in bed.

Do Not Store Too Many Books In The Bedroom

You can leave a few books in your room if you usually read them before you sleep, but too many books will make you feel confused. The bedroom is a place to rest and relax, and if you have too many books, it’ll look like a workplace that makes you more tired. 

Use Light Colors To Increase The Peace And Quietness For The Bedroom

At the end of the day, the most important thing would be that you could feel relaxed and peaceful in your bedroom and sleep well. Light colors in the bedroom can increase the relaxation and peace of mind. Here are a few colors you can use: light blue, pastel pink, light green and purple,…

If you really want to use Feng Shui to clear your bedroom’s clutter and get more positive energy, you had better follow these interesting tips above to get your bedroom organized with Feng Shui rules. Good luck!