Organize Your Bedroom With Feng Shui Rules

Start with raising the bed to allow the flow of energy circulation. The bedhead should be placed against the wall, away from windows and main doors. Remove ornamental plants, cluttered objects, and water elements from your room to maintain balance. 

Finally is a harmonious colour combination, soft lighting, and inspirational pictures. With these factors and some other changes, you can arrange your bedroom with Feng Shui rules.

Use Feng Shui For Your Bed

The bedhead should be a hard bedhead made from wood or are wrapped in mattress, as they are a great combination of solid and gentle feng shui energy source and they are able to prop up for you and your bedroom. 

When you are slowly going into sleep, your body will enter the stage of regenerating energy on many levels. Subconsciously, your head needs to be supported and protected, similar to what your back needs when you have to sit on a chair for a long period of time.

Make Sure The Bed Has The Right Height

To allow the Feng Shui energy to circulate underneath the bed, you need to put a bed at a reasonable height compared to the ground. In general, the bed with a cabinet below to help you store furniture is considered a poor feng shui bed. 

Why? Because energy needs to circulate around the body to help you sleep, and this will not happen if the space underneath the bed is blocked.

There’s A Wall That Lifts Behind The Bed

In addition to the good bed head, you also need to have a solid wall behind the bed. When you sleep beneath the window, your personal energy tends to become weaker at this time, as it does not have the support or protection.

Do Not Put The Tv, A Desk, Or Any Distracting Factors Near The Bed

You should move the desk and TV out of the bedroom so that the room can become a truly resting and relaxing place. However, due to the limitation of space, if your room has a TV or desk, you should arrange them in the position away from the bed as much as possible to not hinder positive energies of the bed. 

If possible, you should cover a towel or blanket on the TV or desk, or even wrap it with a Japanese folding cabinet to create more space.

Avoid Putting A Mirror Opposite The Bed Or Wardrobe With A Mirror

If mirrors are things that you can not leave, you should cover a blanket on them. The mirrors will obstruct your sleep if it is not be covered, especially if you sleep in the same room with the person you love because they can open a space for the betrayal. Mirrors are also factors that contain too much energy for resting space.

Do Not Put Ornamental Plants And Flowers In Your Bedroom

Plants are considered creating a lot of energy and activities that make you difficult to get enough rest. If there is no place to put the plants, you should try to arrange them out of sight when you lie in bed.

Do Not Store Too Many Books In The Bedroom

You can leave a few books in your room if you usually read them before you sleep, but too many books will make you feel confused. The bedroom is a place to rest and relax, and if you have too many books, it’ll look like a workplace that makes you more tired. 

Use Light Colors To Increase The Peace And Quietness For The Bedroom

At the end of the day, the most important thing would be that you could feel relaxed and peaceful in your bedroom and sleep well. Light colors in the bedroom can increase the relaxation and peace of mind. Here are a few colors you can use: light blue, pastel pink, light green and purple,…

If you really want to use Feng Shui to clear your bedroom’s clutter and get more positive energy, you had better follow these interesting tips above to get your bedroom organized with Feng Shui rules. Good luck!


Best Curling Irons for Beachy Waves – Reviews & Guide 2020

Beachy wave is one of modern hairstyle every woman would love to have. Perhaps, it is delightful to know that you don’t need to possess a peculiar hairstyle for fine hair to make this wave. All you need is a good curling iron for beachy waves. Although we have several varieties of beachy waves such as full-time beachy wave, tight beachy waves, lower beachy waves, loose beachy waves, neat beachy waves, etc., you can make any of these waves with the best types of beachy waves curling iron.

Top 9 Curling Irons for Beachy Waves

To make the task simple for you, we have been through a lot of reviews on this wave, and we have come up with the best 9 beachy waves curling wand for your hair.

Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver for Beachy Waves Generation II

We are recommending this product as the best curling iron for your beachy waves. Bed Head Artist comes in several factors that make it a good one to have. One, it comes at an affordable price tag which makes it easy to buy by users. Also, it features a dual voltage system which means that it can use any anywhere, at any time, with full convenience.

Similarly, it can heat up to about 400 degrees F making it an ideal wand for any type of beachy waves. Bed Head wave contains a double dosage of tourmaline ceramic technology that does not only make your beachy wave last for a long time, but it also keeps your hair away from frizzing and makes it shine always.

It is at the same time a safe and as it turns off itself 60 minutes after being inactive. With its plate-locking switch, storing this product would be less difficult.

Bed Head Curlipops Curling Wand

Besides the fact that this product comes at a very low price, it also has a sleek design that makes it a user’s choice. This design adds more elegance either to your bathroom or salon. You would also love this wand as it features a heat-protective glove that gives your hand total protection form the high level of heat that comes from the iron.

Since it is a 1 ¼ inch barrel, it is surely a suitable iron for loose, tousled curls or waves. The tourmaline ceramic that comes with this Bed Head Curlipops wand does not help to keep your hair shining for a long day, but it also helps to frizzing of the hair.

Nevertheless, this wand has a tangle-free 6ft swivel cord, which you can stretch to any part of the room or salon with much difficulties. With the dual voltage of this wand, making any type of beachy weaves won’t be difficult.

Anjou Curling Iron

Anjou curling wand is one of the best irons you can use to make any beachy wave of your choice. The gold color that this model has makes it elegant and attractive to use. Also, you need little bucks to purchase this wand as it comes at a relatively low price.

Meanwhile, it is an effective curling iron to use as it can heat up to about 410°F within 60 seconds of putting it on. It is a suitable beachy wave curling iron for people with medium and long hair. More importantly, you would enjoy the Anjou wand because it is safe. It has a thermally insulated wand tip that prevents your hair from damaging.

Likewise, this product comes with a heat resistant glove that protects your hand from the heat that comes from the iron. For users who forget things fast, this iron turns off 30 minutes after being inactive.

Remington CI96XIB Curling Wand

For users in search of beachy wave curling iron that can last for a long term, then definitely, this is what you are looking for. Remington CI96XIB has a 4-year warranty from the company. It has a digital display that gives you a time-to-time update of the level of temperature of the iron. Also, this model features a lengthy swivel cord that can be stretched to any part of the room or salon with great easy.

You can rest assured of your safety with this iron as it turns itself off 60 minutes after not be used. Remington CI96XIB is also safe because it comes with a heat protective heat glove that prevents your hands from damages caused by a high level of heat from the wand. Besides its durability, safety, and reliability, it is also an efficient iron that heats up to about 410°F 30 seconds after putting it on.

Sedu Revolution 1” Clipless Curling Iron

Sedu revolution is a breakthrough in the styling market. This wand has made it to our list as one of the best beachy wand curling iron because it poses several unique features. Firstly, it is important to know that this wand features a dynamic alignment system that does not only help to distribute heat effectively to every part of the hair, but it also ensures perfect contact between your hair and the plates thereby preventing your hair from damaging.

It has a heat capacity of about 350°F and at the same time has an adjustable digital temperature control making it ideal for any hair. A stylist or user might forget to put this wand off after a long day work, never worry about this curling iron, it would turn itself off 60 minutes after not being used. The tourmaline ceramic help you to make frizz-free beachy waves.

The Beachwaver Co.SI Curling Iron

Even though this wand comes at a pricey rate, it a great number of performances that worth its price. So, for users who are looking for the luxury curling iron to make their beachy wave, here is what you are searching for.

The beach waves curling iron has heat range between 290°F – 410°F. It can heat up to about 410°F within 30 seconds after putting on, therefore making it an effective iron. With the arrow button control of this product, you can clamp, rotate your to any direction, and release it easily from the iron.

Also, it features an adjustable speed switch which gives users the opportunity to adjust the level of heat of the iron to either a low or high level depending on the nature of the hair. You can rest assured with this iron that your hair won’t be damaged.

BLUETOP Professional 25mm Hair Ceramic Curling Iron

Since pink is the favorite color of all women, surely, every user would love to have this wand. Except for its attractive design, it also features an LCD temperature control that gives a time-to-time update on the level of the temperature of the iron. This iron is a suitable one for making beachy waves for people with long and thick hairs.

BLUETOP curling iron has dual voltage which makes it an iron that can be used anywhere at any time. You would surely enjoy this product as it comes with notable swivel with 2.5 power cord that can be extended to any part in the salon without the need to switch the plugs. It has an effective capacity to heat up to about 428°F within 60 seconds of putting it on. Nevertheless, this curling iron has an adjustable temperature, therefore, making it an ideal one for any type of beachy wave.

Conair Infiniti Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Wand

Conair Infiniti creates beautiful beachy waves of different types without giving room for any frizz or kink. It has barrel size of about 1-1 ½ inch making it a suitable one for people with small or medium hairs. This wand comes with 5 temperature settings which makes it an efficient one for any type of hair and beachy wave.

Also, it features led indicator lights that let you know when the iron has reached the temperature of your choice and also prevent your hair from damaging. You would definitely create a liking for this product because it can heat up to about 400-degree °F within 3 seconds of putting it on.

Similarly, stylist or users who forget things easily would love this iron also as it has an auto-off system that can turn itself off 60 minutes effect being inactive. This Conair iron has a heat-resistant glove that gives your maximum hand protection.

Neuro Unclipped Rod Curling Iron

Neuro curling iron is an extra-long curling iron that can make beautiful beachy waves perfectly for your hair of any type. It can heat up to about 450°F within 40 seconds of activation. This speed is enhanced by the titanium barrel of this wand. Also, it has 9ft swivel cord that can be moved easily to any part of the room of the salon.

The smart sense microchip that comes along Neuro curling iron helps to distribute the heat level to all part of the air equally. Lastly, it has an extra heat-resistant glove that prevents your hand from a high level of heat that comes out of the iron. Although it is slightly pricey, you would surely forget its price when you experience its performances.


Charleston Events and Attractions You Won’t Want to Miss When You Visit West Virginia

From museums to cultural centers and of course an upcoming date with a country music legend, there are lots of interesting things to do in Charleston WV. In fact, choosing just one might be your biggest problem and that’s why we’ve compiled a list that you can use to get started on a fun day or evening out when you visit.

Starting right at the top with an event that everyone is very excited about, country music legend Dolly Parton will be playing the Civic Center. She has made Charleston one of the stops on her Pure and Simple Tour because she knows about the legions of dedicated fans she has here. If you’re going to be in town, this is a great way to get acquainted with the city and a fantastic starting point to other adventures and interesting things to do in Charleston WV.

If you feel like being outside for one of the many events that are hosted here, the Capital City Biker Bash might be just the thing for you. The Haddad Riverfront Park is the scene for this extravaganza where you can meet old motorcycle enthusiast friends and make some new ones. This event runs for two days starting in June.

The most exciting and fascinating things to do in Charleston WV should include a bit of culture and a visit to the West Virginia State Museum. That’s where you’ll be able to see many artifacts from the history of the state that go back to its founding days including the original springboard wagon that Virginia preacher Reverend George W. Kesler used to spread the good word to people in the 1800s.

Local Culture

When you are visiting Charleston, West Virginia, you will want to get a taste of the local culture and the friendly, welcoming people who live in the state. There’s really no better way to do that than to come along for at least one of the special events they have like FestivALL. You can choose from a variety of different events here that are all under the umbrella of the festival, including a shaded stroll, a Father’s Day brunch and a wonderful local musical about schoolgirl zombies.

Local Talents

The people in Charleston, West Virginia really enjoy showcasing their talents and their welcoming  charm is evident in all of the different gatherings they have including “Go To Hale” sponsored by The Charleston Area Alliance. This block party has shops, live music and more.

After you’ve spent a day and night getting involved with all the world-class things to do in Charleston WVyou’ll enjoy sitting down with friends and family for a delicious meal in one of the area’s excellent restaurants.  You can enjoy everything from the standard burgers and fries with a healthy brew, to different types of cuisine from around the world complete with sweets, organic food and vegetarian fare.

There are culture and the arts as well as sporting events and history here. Don’t forget to bring your wallet and enjoy some of the excellent shopping and activities like the ones found at The Ace Adventure Resort that includes white-water rafting and rock climbing.


Things to do in Charleston: Biker Bash

Looking for a fun thing to do in Charleston, WV this summer? It’s that time of year again for the Capitol City Biker Bash in Charleston, WV. This year marks the 5th annual gathering of bikers in efforts to help raise money for Hospice Care of Charleston. The festivities start June 9th and run through the 11th and will be headquartered at the Haddad Riverfront Park along the banks of the Kanawha River.

Over the 3-day rally, visitors can enjoy tons of free concerts, great food, contests and so much more. The city closes down all four lanes of the Kanawha Boulevard so that motorcycle enthusiasts can enjoy driving the winding road by the river. To help raise money for HospiceCare, tickets will be sold for a brand new motorcycle that will be raffled off on the last day. So come on down June 9th-11th to the Haddad Riverfront Park to check out all the fun of the Capitol City Biker Bash.


Things to do in Charleston: Wilco Concert

On June 1st the seven-time Grammy nominee Wilco made its first visit to the Clay Center in Charleston, WV. This Chicago rock band filled the center with fans of their great music, playing popular songs like Misunderstood, Ashes of American Flags, Dawned On Me, and songs from their new album, Star Wars. The night will be filled with great music and a chance to see a very popular rock band.

Wilco just released their ninth studio album titled Star Wars, and has been credited by Rolling Stone as the band’s best work in over a decade. This rock band has been around for over 20 years and has gained quite the following. Tickets are being sold for $30-$75 and will feature Angel Olsen as the opening act. It was an amazing night of great music at Clay Center in Charleston, WV.


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